Visual Perspectives Ltd is a UK Business based in Lancashire. We use Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Technology alongside latest professional thermal imaging and visual camera equipment to bring you high resolution inspection and photography solutions at a price that makes economic sense to you and your company. A variety of packages are available to clients seeking professional aerial inspection and media solutions that are adaptable and suitable for a variety of projects and applications. 

Our dedicated two man crew and state of the art drones can shoot from the ground up to an altitude of over 400 ft, providing magnificent aerial vantage point of any project. All Projects from the flight to post production are tailored to fit your specification.

Ray Langford

Director/Chief Pilot and Level 1 Thermographer

“We have the passion and drive to provide high quality aerial inspection and imaging solutions at a cost that makes economic sense. With state of the art technology and over 7 years experience in the inspection field, we ensure every operation is completed to the highest standard whilst complying with and reducing health and safety risks. We get the results that other conventional aerial photographers can’t match, which is why our business is going from strength to strength.

In order to operate an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and conduct aerial work legally in the UK, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) requires each operator to demonstrate that they have achieved a defined standard of pilot competency.

All Visual Perspectives operators have completed a Remote Pilot Qualification(RPQ-s) Programme and a flight assessment through a qualified training entity and have permission from the CAA to operate.

Unfortunately some companies choose to operate illegally and without insurance thus putting the safety of themselves and others at risk. You can rest assured Visual Perspectives Ltd are qualified and insured to operate in most circumstances throughout the UK.

Policy 00-VISU01D04

Comprehensive Liability Cover for £2,000,000

ID No:RPQ-s/LanR/15/291

Any craft up to 20kg take off weight

CAA Permissions For Aerial Work

Ref: 20150621Visual Perspectives Ltd PAndEUAV1024

Any craft up to 20kg take off weight

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